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DCM für Our e-learning toolbox is the place where you can take our Dialogic Change Model and the Collective Leadership Compass to make it work for your specific project! The different tools will assist you in:

  • assessing the current status of your project
  • coming up with concrete next steps and action points
  • analysing the factors that will make your project successful
  • guide you through a personal reflection on your collective leadership skills
  • compose your personal or group choreography

The Collective Leadership Compass

This tool will guide you through a personal reflection on your collective leadership skills and help you compose your personal choreography. This assessment can also be done by teams or group of actors.

  • Phase 1: 

    Exploring and Engaging

    Raising the energy for change by building trusting relationships and positive resonance between stakeholders.

  • Phase 2: 

    Building and formalizing

    Consolidating the system of stakeholder collaboration and formalizing stakeholders’ commitment to change.

  • Phase 3: 

    Implementing and Evaluating

    Implementation of planned activities and creating visible results to visualize the success of the Stakeholder Dialogue.

  • Phase 4: 

    Developing further Replicating or Institutionalizing

    Taking the endeavor to the next level by institutionalizing the dialogue on a more formal level.

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